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sorry? what was that? i've gone deaf from pop punk, thank god

I just came back from seeing anal dave down the road, they were pants. I hate pop punk, STOP BEING SO BLOODY HAPPY! Anyway, i'm deaf now.
I went with my dad, i'm so cool. He met up with this woman my dad knows called Diane who i've always hated, she's patronizing and thick as phlegm. She over heard me talking to my dad about there being far too many girls at this show who's heads i wanted to kick in, then we were outside and vic the vocalist for anal dave was trying to get me to go in and then talked to me about bronco lee and thought i was cool coz i know them (lol), and i didnt wanna go in by myself really, coz i was in a horrible mood and wasn't really up for getting in a fight, so i bugged my dad to come in and Diane said 'ooo tough girl!' and they laughed...and i was like WHAT THE FUCK? i should have turned round and asked if she wanted an example, retarded bitch.
Work was shit yesterday, i was in a bad mood and over worked.
George cleaned my room out today, he's such a sweetheart, i don't know what i'd do without him. I can actually put my feet under my computer table now without fear i'll disturb a nest of insects/snakes/rats/trolls.
So, i'm gonna try take advantage of the fact i'm a bit tipsy for free and stop being a grump for once.
p.s. i tried the ljfriends thing, but _starlet made me realise i have a problem with saying nice things about others. that's pretty bastardy actually.
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