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i'm a really bad loser. I played a basketball game with george on PS2 earlier, and i lost by 3 point. A vicious beating, some sulking and me hiding his phone til he admitted he cheated and i should have won, shortly followed.

I am A Dingle Berry .

Dingle berries... we all know one. clinging to that parent or significant other for dear life.. basing every discussion on the opinions and actions of that one special person. the mama's boy (or girl) of the shit family, but Dingle berries do have a dark side and are known for their jealousy and sudden bursts of anger and violence though the life of a Dingle berry may seem meaning less, it does have its upsides... usually death.
What Kinda Shit Are You?

Slimey Vagina
You are a slimey vagina. You green slimey infected
pussfilled bastard. Get some antibiotic cream.

What kind of vagina are you?
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you are sexy and a badass girls you are sailor mercury guys you are vegetta
you are vegetta or mercury, you are kinky a little
rough in bed, and like it you dirty dirty
badass, i bet you like being spanked. good for
you. you are in deed the cockiest and biggest
badass in the universe you can defeat anyone,
but you aren very sexy. most women/or men are
scared by you. except the real kinky ones

! Anime! which Hentai anime charater are you, or are you not sexy?dudes,or chicks
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(oh my!!!)
Fucked up
You are fucked up

What stick figure are you?
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