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ya'alright darlin?

i just smoked a dog end. well... shut up.
I've got a head cold, my head feels like it's exploding with illness and i want to shake all my snot out. I hocked some phelgm in the bin in the shop today. score.
I had a dream last night that my mum was driving manically close to the edge of cliffs and then there was a traffic jam so we just ran in the other lane. There were demon little monster things eating everyone that looked like the goonies and one was trying to pull the cushion off the sofa but it was too heavy for it, so i pointed and jeered. I also got a tattoo under my belly button and it felt really nice, but i'm not gonna get tattooed there til i've had a baby, coz it'll stretch and look barf.
My back really hurts, i've been bending my back over the counter all afternoon trying to stretch it. Jackie my boss doesnt seem to mind what happens because she's quiting being manager soon, so we just go pfaah get it yourself, no we're out of every size, piss off. I was on the till all day just reading the newspaper.
There was a drunk man on the train i just got home who was sitting opposite me going "what the what? that over there... he did ya know..." aaaw. i wish i was in my own little world.
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