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Weird, i have had 2 people who i dont ever talk to normally, talk to me on MSN today. Dean (an old friend i did my GCSEs with) and Jamie (a boy who looks like he should be in the lostprophets). Everyone must be having an unexciting half term, apart from those who actually do go out, whatever that is.
I got asked ID for cigarettes earlier, the one time i didnt have my bag with me coz i'd left it at the bar across the road (where i'd just bought a beer without any ID). And this girl said to me 'are you 16?' and i said 'Im 19' and she asked for some ID and i said 'well its across the road in that bar' and she was all 'mmmhh...well...' and i said 'look - a tattoo, im frickin 19' and she went 'oh ok'. Silly child. I did look young today though, coz i just threw on a red cardy, homeless jeans and last nights make up was still there, but i certainly didnt look like i wasn't even legal to hump.
I really really miss george, we've been having a really lovely time together recently. We feel like we've just started going out, because it was nearly a year ago we got together. And he's at work now and i wont see him til tomorrow lunchtime and that seems fucking years away. I'm such a girl.
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