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i feel ill. i've been getting up after midday for the past few days now, and i burnt my tongue last night showing chopper i can drink hotter tea than him, or something. i was quite drunk last night, i got on a skateboard in the kitchen. yeah. clever.

anyway, been seeing a lot of craig recently. think it's official now, everyones calling us a couple now, so that's nice :) it's so fucking weird though, being close to someone again. i saw george yesterday while he was at work and he clocked me but didnt say hello, just served ellie. it made me feel fucking weird... craig said i was being weird to him last night, and i think it's just because i felt funny being affectionate to someone other than george. it's tough. i hate it. coz craig has blatently a million things better about him than george, and i know that. i get kinda silly and excited when i find out about yet more gorgeous people he's actually slept with though. i'm SO shallow. someone with a lot of notches on the bedpost of sexy as hell girls is good for me.

i'm going to hell.

i'm speaking to jamie again now, just because it's easier, and i don't want to lose friends when i have a boyfriend, like i always do. might be going out later, luke's gonna call me. apparently pat's not pissed off about me going off with craig instead of him, so that's good news. we never were very intense anyway though, whereas i've been seeing craig every day for the past week and a bit and been staying round his flat every night too... i do like having snuggles again though. never got this with jamie or pat, so this is especially nuts.

i have so much fun with craig though, it's not right having a boyfriend who's fun, i'm used to tight arsed snobs.
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