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beer and sex and chips and gravy

damn, people are so easily juiced.

i've been found, yet again, by people who don't even like me but insist on reading my diary. so...

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damn, <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/redlipbombshell/39958.html">people are so easily juiced</a>.

i've been found, yet again, by people who don't even like me but insist on reading my diary. so...

<align="center"><b>friends only</b>
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ahh drama rama. people suck.
happens to the best of us ;)


June 18 2003, 15:03:54 UTC 14 years ago

although i dont update my lj, is it alright to be added to your friends list just so i can read?

i'll come see you sometime soon.
oh yeh, i totally forgot echolux was you! :P
yes, ring me up and we can go out now you're legal *dirty bum waggle* xxx


June 18 2003, 16:35:39 UTC 14 years ago

2003-06-18 16:09 (link)
im runing the flow. my bad. does this mean i have to get a lj account to read your diary miss quinninam?
erm tues.what u up to tues? coz i pick up my pay packet from friday tuesday and i thought maybe. me. you. pub? not too layte. work in morning. but you see hwat imgetting at.

p.s i posted this in that other forum coz im tired andconfused and i dont get the whole lj thing ok.
*runs away to bed*
yes tues is probably ok, but i don't get paid til that friday, gruff. Monday might be better...
lol that missmischeif girl thought i locked my diary because of her, hehehehehe. George said that gary heard from ben that people are reading my diary, and like katie used to read my old one. DO THEY WANT TO SEE THE COLOUR OF MY PERIOD BLOOD TODAY TOO???
ring my bell bitch and we can argue about beer
add me.
you're hilarious.
yo.. good to see you i\on friday.,.. i miss u ya whore..:P... Love ya really PHONE ME!!!
i'd like to be a friend. i think you're journal is funny. actually, i know it is.
so i'm adding you and yeah.
this is sludge_factory new journal (yes again)
blaaaaady 'ell girl
ur shits awesome to read. add me.