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black ears black bum black twat, yeh, the facts of life

i'm not quite sure where i was going with that subject tits...hehe (that was meant to be title but my fingers appeared to have prefered it to be tits, fine by me)
My cat just came in covered in pot pouree. I'm a bit worried where he's been rolling; in some gold star and moon painted bathroom belonging to a floating skirt woman with pendants who talks out of her arse. My mum used to be friends with someone like that, she did my pyschology coursework for me.
I'm getting a lift over to georges later coz he's finished college and this means we can have sex more. Ok, so it doesn't really, but i'd liek to think that.
I'm having a stupid bleed that was brought on by the morning after pill, what a piss off, i only finished my week long period last week (about then), stupid stupid george and his stupid penis. I can't get no satisfaction. oh dear, that really did just happen.
I've set george on a mission to find me tops and make me an f-minus stencil for my new top i've made. his reply was:
: stop thinkin start drinkin : says:
i gnan go

aaw. this means nothing to me.
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