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sorry? what was that? i've gone deaf from pop punk, thank god

I just came back from seeing anal dave down the road, they were pants. I hate pop punk, STOP BEING SO BLOODY HAPPY! Anyway, i'm deaf now.
I went with my dad, i'm so cool. He met up with this woman my dad knows called Diane who i've always hated, she's patronizing and thick as phlegm. She over heard me talking to my dad about there being far too many girls at this show who's heads i wanted to kick in, then we were outside and vic the vocalist for anal dave was trying to get me to go in and then talked to me about bronco lee and thought i was cool coz i know them (lol), and i didnt wanna go in by myself really, coz i was in a horrible mood and wasn't really up for getting in a fight, so i bugged my dad to come in and Diane said 'ooo tough girl!' and they laughed...and i was like WHAT THE FUCK? i should have turned round and asked if she wanted an example, retarded bitch.
Work was shit yesterday, i was in a bad mood and over worked.
George cleaned my room out today, he's such a sweetheart, i don't know what i'd do without him. I can actually put my feet under my computer table now without fear i'll disturb a nest of insects/snakes/rats/trolls.
So, i'm gonna try take advantage of the fact i'm a bit tipsy for free and stop being a grump for once.
p.s. i tried the ljfriends thing, but _starlet made me realise i have a problem with saying nice things about others. that's pretty bastardy actually.
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you would die of aids and have worts on you if you didnt have me to tidy shit up after ya... i hope your thankfull cos i have something growing on my hand i think its a head!!!???
i prefer 'quaint' myself :)


June 16 2003, 00:30:24 UTC 13 years ago

you write so well...

i have no idea who u are and i don't even have a diary but i was looking thru redlipbombshell and u seemed to be the only one with meaning in your own journal...

i'm into the same stuff as you. but i kinda feel like prying into the personal life of a stranger when i was reading your diary? it's the reality-tv debate all over again... if u are uncomfortable with me reading it feel free to tell me to fuck off

i'd like to see more pics (i swear i'm not a dyke) but u are damn cute...

that george cunt is a lucky fellow.
hey thanks :) I'm kinda doubting this, as just a sarcastic response to the beginning of an act of revenge as i've upset so many people on that stupid community. meh.

Of course I'm not uncomfortable with you reading my diary, if i was then i would have my diary on friends only (which could happen soon, but i'm not sure)

i'm curious though, who are you?


June 16 2003, 05:50:01 UTC 13 years ago

ha.. i noticed u upset a few in responses etc.. well some people just can't take it when others speak their mind i guess. don't let it bother u.. honesty is a fucking good trait to have so u're better off using it. and no there's no tone of sarcasm here, u haven't offended me. u'd know if u have..

my name is kate.. i'm in aus. a few of my friends have journals so i've been reading them over the past few weeks.. then when u search for your own interests u get to communities like RLBS then further onto interestingly random diaries like yours.. (and do u know how many depressed psychotic freaks there are out there that have diaries? fuck man).. yours isn't like reading a fairytale but it's bloody interesting for some reason. but i wouldn't wanna get on your bad side by the sounds of things.. hahah.. the amount of times u've mentioned the word 'fist' in your writings..

i haven't started my own diary yet and i'm not sure if i will.. but it takes alot of bollocks to write what u feel for the whole world to see rite??

nah im not lucky shes the lucky one ya know what im saying?? hu uh??
maybe yeah HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!
fat ass wide hips thunder thighs
quite the gentleman