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quality control

I just did a harsh friends clean up, for those of you who i deleted, it was based on who's diary i feel i want to continue to read, and i kinda don't like lyrics filling my friends page up, i get a seething urge to eat glass whenever i see written out lyrics... this makes me a brainless numbfuck, i'm sure. Meh. sorry.
I'm attempting to clean my room... but i have to have someone to talk to and help me through it just incase i discover a family of spiders and need some reassurance, and as there is no one online..here for you, is what i go through to clean my horribly unhealthy room.
Stage 1 - rotting food, plates, mugs etc
12:20: threw away some cans of coke secretly to avoid a bollocking from my dad about wasting stuff... quickly side tracked by The Forgotten.
12:26: just got quite high off smelling a can of really old extra strong cider
12:30: reasonably completed... apart from a very old glass of mould that has been hiding at the back of my dresser
12:32 attempted to battle what i discovered is two glasses of close to mushroom fungus, but decided to wait for someone else to do it for me

Stage 2 - bin bag
12:40: i am starting to blame george for the mess in my room, because i found some of his rubbish by my bed.
12:42: getting high off bin bag fumes
12:44: paranoia kicking in, im
not really trusting flip flops to protect me against creepy crawlies
12:45: big fly just came in and scared the crap out of me, screamed like a girl
12:48: found a can of cider. claiming it.
12:50: nausea kicking in, something is watching me and waiting to pounce, i just know it. I think i'm gonna need some george-help to sterlize down the side of my bedside table...
13:04: procrastinating. i've started to make a new top.
13:24: top was crap, waste of time
13: 25: i give up.
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