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I'm procrastinating. Again. I think that's the only reason i enroll myself into education repeatedly, because i'm an excellent procrastinater and it makes me feel like i'm good at something, if not the current course.
I have period pains, i'm a woman again. i hate it.
I'm selling some distillers tickets on ebay at the moment, but i'm a bit worried coz some have started the bidding at 50p, fuck am i gonna settle with 50p for 2 tickets, i'd rather go and have a nap there.
I have been writing out ancient sanskrit this evening in my sketchbook for my yoga scent project, it's so boring. I'd rather be sitting complaining about boredom, because at least that's easy.
I watched the goonies tonight. I always thought it had gremlins in, but i think i must have been getting it confused with critters.
I wrote some stuff on my guitar aswell. See, procrastinating can be useful.
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