+chaos theory+ (trashsick) wrote,
+chaos theory+

i havent posted on here in a long long while. i hope you all remember me.

anyway. you guys remember george right? well last night he said he might want to get back with me. i cant actually believe this. he has a new phone number, i gave him my new number this morning but he hasnt contacted me. we agreed to meet up soon and have a chat. i'm so scared. ive been waiting all day for him to come online. i dont know whether to be happy or cry. i'm so on edge. i miss him so much. this is the first time he's said anything like this to me since we broke up 7 months ago.

you dont understand how much george actually means to me. i'm nothing without him. and now he's given me the hope i will have him back.

i feel like i've been sitting alone in the dark and the light has just been turned on, and i havent been alone all along.
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